School goals

Developing healthy, happy, multi-skilled kids.

School belief

  • We believe every kid has ability to learn.
  • We believe information and technology can promote the effect
    of learning.
  • We believe the cooperation of parents and teachers can enrich
    kids’ life.
  • We believe school is an environment that support the physical
    and mental development of kids.
  • We believe we are educating kids of global village that love
    their community.

Managing principles

  1. Skills oriented :no longer knowledge oriented.
  2. Participation : parents, community, and teachers ‘ cooperation.
  3. Student centered : based on kids ‘ life experience.
  4. Multiple intelligences: kids can develop their multiple intelligences.
  5. Applying technology and information to elicit learning effects


  1. Health : healthy body and sound mind, moderate attitude.
  2. Happiness : active exploration and happy learning experience.
  3. Growth: developing multiple intelligences.


Our qualified teachers develop kids ‘ basic living skills and academic skills in good environment. We help our kids develop cooperative spirit and active thinking ability by engaging in multiple-purpose activities so they can face the challenges in the 21st century.